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Andre Kazimierski

Andre Kazimierski is the founder and CEO of Improovy, a next-gen painting company that makes residential painting services easy for homeowners and contractors. Andre grew up in Chicago and has been growing companies in the home improvement industry for decades.

As one of the leading experts in the painting industry, Andre is passionate about leveraging technology to make the lives of painters and consumers better.

andre kazimierski Founder and CEO Improovy

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Painting Industry Expertise

Improovy’s founder, Andre Kazimierski, is a 3rd generation tradesman himself and grew up around construction job sites. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, it came as no surprise when he launched his first painting company as a sophomore in college (DePaul University) to help pay for school.

Since college, he has launched and owned some of the fastest-growing home service companies in the Midwest over the last decade.

Andre Kazimierski Pro Remodeler Magazine Award

Additionally, Andre has been building websites and developing tech tools to help manage his and his family’s home service businesses (Sophia’s Cleaning Service) since he was 10 years old.

Andre is passionate about creating technological solutions to bridge the gap between homeowners in need of home services and great service providers.

A Homeowners Experience

Andre has experienced some major home improvement headaches on both sides of the industry spectrum. As a new homeowner in Chicago, he went through a contractor nightmare after the painting company (referred by a neighbor) trashed his home.

Painting Industry Expert Andre Kazimierski

Following this experience, he DIY-ed most projects because it was so difficult to find a trusted contractor. After a few years of this grueling DIY experiment, he decided to open a new painting and remodeling company (the ultimate DIY) with an old colleague from college.

Since its launch in 2017, 3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling has grown into one of the largest and highest-rated home improvement companies in the United States. With locations in Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee, 3rd Gen is one of the fastest-growing renovation firms in the nation over the past few years.

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Fixing The Painting Industry

However, as 3rd Gen grew into a multi-million dollar renovations firm, Andre experienced the outdated processes that mired contractors firsthand. Amazingly, nearly nothing had changed in the decade since his first painting company in college.

He was also shocked at the lack of adequate tech solutions available for both homeowners looking for contractors and service providers themselves. Simply, there was no clear path to streamline the renovation process.

Improovy Painters in Chicago, Illinois

Accordingly, Andre’s unique expertise coupled with his passion for solving problems using technology helped spark the idea of the Improovy marketplace.

As a result, Improovy was founded to solve some major issues on both sides of the home improvement spectrum.

With this in mind, Andre is passionate about bringing hassle-free home improvement to a new generation of homeowners and contractors.