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Quality Home Painting Made Easy

Improovy is a delightfully easier way to complete everyday projects, like house painting, without the hassle. Our award-winning marketplace platform has become the fastest-growing and highest-rated painting company in the United States.

We’re a team of industry experts that are actively fixing the deeply broken home improvement service industry, one happy homeowner and contractor at a time.

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An Easier Way To Upgrade Your Space

Finding, hiring, and working with contractors to complete projects like painting your home is a painful experience. Whether updating your bathroom paint colors or painting the entire house, it’s typically a hassle to find and work with decent contractors.

Improovy is the on-demand home improvement service platform built to delight homeowners and contractors. We remove all the friction from the typical contractor and consumer dynamic. Learn more about all of the painting services that Improovy offers.

We use technology and industry-leading expertise to streamline the home improvement service delivery experience, from start to finish.

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Experience The Difference

We are a team of industry experts that are passionate about making the lives of contractors and homeowners easier.

Need help choosing paint colors? Learn about the best interior paint colors for your home from our design experts.

Trusted & Certified Professionals

Hand-picked professionals that are 100% licensed and insured. You only work with trusted and certified crews focused on quality work and friendly service.

Fast & Easy Quotes

Customer service starts at the first click. Easy, detailed quotes over-the-phone in minutes vs days. A streamlined home improvement service buying experience from start to finish.

100% Quality Service Guaranteed

We’re industry experts that empower contractors to deliver exceptional quality workmanship. If you are not 100% happy with your job, we will make it right. Guaranteed. 


We compared Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams to know which paint brand is best for your next project!

House Painting. Made Awesome

We believe that home services like house painting should be enjoyable for homeowners.

Our streamlined pricing and production tools are revolutionizing how homeowners purchase home improvement services.

Pricing quotes deployed remotely and simple online payments make for a hassle-free experience.

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Transparency & Trust

We’re setting the new standard for home improvement service pricing. Learn about how much it costs to paint by reading our interior painting cost guide.

You’re in Good Hands

Easy Painting Services

Finding a local house painter or renovations contractor can be an arduous process.

Fortunately, Improovy has done all of the leg work for you.

Our fully licensed, bonded, and insured pros are ready to deliver a world-class service experience. From painting your apartment to exterior color changes, our professional crews are trusted and highly rated.

Improovy is the better and easier way to upgrade your space.

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Learn More

Connect with Improovy

Check out Improovy on Facebook or send us a message on Twitter. Also, make sure to visit our Chicago painting location to get $100 off your first interior painting project in Chicago!

Additionally, you can visit our Naperville painting page to learn more about Improovy’s newest location.

Lastly, you can contact Improovy to learn more about the Chicago tech startup that is revolutionizing home improvement.

Systems That Work

Efficient, Streamlined Service Deployment

You can trust that your home improvement project will be on time and on budget, guaranteed.

From daily progress reports to clean and safe job sites, our system puts you in control of your project from start to finish.

Our modernized production systems empower our pros to perform the best quality work of their lives. in turn, you get the highest quality service for the best price.

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Exceptional Service

We Simplify The Design Process Using Technology

Getting the design elements of your home improvement project is important.

However, deciding on design elements can be intimidating for many homeowners.

With Improovy, you can choose options like paint colors virtually with a professional designer. Use our latest exterior house color post to see what’s on-trend this year.