Thinking about painting the brick exterior of your home?

We’ve put together our top 9 painted brick house before and after pictures of 2024 to help you decide. Whether painting brick for the first time or changing colors, we hope you’ll find some inspiration in these brick home examples.

best painted brick houses

Painted Brick Home Before and Afters

Because these brick exterior before and after pictures are actual homes we’ve painted, we have some pretty unique insights. Many colors listed in the brick house photos below are beloved by exterior design experts across the country. Likewise, we cover how to choose the perfect front door and trim colors for your new brick painting project.

Whether you DIY or hire professional brick painters, we’ll provide tips to ensure your exterior paint job turns out gorgeous. Let’s get rocking and rolling with our first example of a white-painted brick house, before and after painting.

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1. White Painted Brick House

The old brick on this house was wearing down after a whitewash was applied 5 years prior. Actually, the exterior brick almost resembled a lime wash but a bit more faded with signs of deterioration. As a result, we applied a masonry primer and two topcoats of quality exterior latex paint.

The color we chose for the brick was Snowbound. In fact, our design experts chose Snowbound (SW 7004) by Sherwin Williams as their favorite exterior brick color of 2021.

We paired this popular white brick color with Smoky Blue (SW 7604) shutters and front door to match. We used a dusty blue versus a black shutter color to coordinate with the pre-existing copper gutters and downspouts. The resulting before and after photos look straight out of an HGTV transformation.

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2. Black Trim and White Brick

Finding the right colors for this unpainted brick house was tricky. We had to find a shade of white that would play nicely with the black brick chimney featured in front of the house.

Ultimately, we decided to use Iceberg (SW 6798) as our white exterior paint color. For our trim color, we went with Tricorn Black. Consequently, the new white siding color really stands out among the black trim and lush green landscaping. No doubt, this was a post-modern restoration that turned out looking spectacular.

3. Off-White Exterior Brick Color

This painted brick before and after is an absolute game-changer. The previous bare, unpainted brick was due for a modern upgrade so we decided to paint it.

white painted brick house before and after

Our homeowner chose Alabaster for the home’s brick body color and paired it with Tricorn Black trim. Both colors are incredibly popular exterior shades carried by Sherwin-Williams.

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4. Painted Brick House With Siding

For this exterior repaint, we needed to match the brick with the existing blue hardy board siding on the top half of the house. The current brick paint color resembled a pastel-leaning greige that clashed with the blue siding. Recently pressure-washed, we kept the front brick exposed as well as a section on the back unpainted because it was in great shape.

painted brick siding blue

As you can see, painting the brick blue to match the siding made the house look larger than before.

The custom paint color formula for the brick was Night Gray By James Hardy, to match the existing composite siding. We combined the new brick wall color with a stark white trim and painted the downspouts and gutters for an extra pop. Not to mention, we touched up the back balcony railings and front porch columns to complete the home’s exterior transformation.

5. Ranch Style Brick Painting

This ranch-style home had previously unpainted red brick that looked dated. After a good power wash, we masked off the windows and exterior fixtures before priming the brick walls.

We painted the brick and the 2nd story cedar shingle siding the same white color. Sea Pearl by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful off-white color with slightly gray undertones. In turn, this uniform coat made the home look larger and updated.

house exterior brick white painting

Last but not least, we painted the shutters, house numbers, and front door a warmer slate grey. The dark gray used was named Raccoon Fur (also a Benjamin Moore color). Correspondingly, it coordinated very well with a warm, creamy brick color like Sea Pearl. This resulted in a simple yet modern brick home that’ll look fantastic for years.

6. Tudor Style Brick Exterior

This Tudor-style brick home was ready for a fresh coat of paint to bring it out of the stone ages. The house was about to be listed for sale and needed a refresh. In turn, we found a white paint color that would work well with the brown Tudor trim and painted the concrete window sills to match.

tudor brick home painting photos

We picked Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore for the brick siding which played nicely with the red undertone of the roof shingles. Indeed, this house was one of our favorites, with simply stunning before and after pictures as a result. The increased curb appeal after painting led to a sale price that was 18% over the asking price.

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7. Black Brick Paint Color

Our next exterior painting project was a textured brick home facade due for an upgrade. We chose Onyx Black by PPG as our brick paint and Pure White by Sherwin as the window sill color.

before afters black brick painted

The black brick color was paired with a lively yellow front door that really brought the house into a new light. As a reference, the front door shade in these before and after home photos is Cheerful Yellow (SW 6903).

Accordingly, our homeowners were thrilled with the results. No question, the black painted brick tone made it look like an entirely new home.

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8. White Exterior With Curb Appeal

An exterior makeover was long overdue for this older, unpainted brick home and garage with some ugly mildew stains. As expected, painting the brick was an easy choice for this young family who just moved in.

Our exterior design expert narrowed down colors for the homeowner using strategically placed test patches. After viewing the test samples in morning and afternoon lights, they chose Neutral Ground (SW 7568). As an exterior color, neutral ground is a warmer off-white with greige undertones that pairs nicely with browns and slate grays.

before and after brick painted home

To offset the creamy-white brick color, we painted the trim accent Iron Ore (SW 7069). This contrasting dark trim color coordinated well with the gorgeous stained wood front door, which was original.
Additionally, we painted the soffits brown to match the newly replaced garage door and brown roof shingles.

Last but not least, the homeowner chose to paint the windows with the dark gray Iron Ore color. As a final style note, they chose to leave the concrete window sills unpainted. Overall a magnificent transformation with incredible before and after brick home photos as a result.

9. Warm White Brick and White Trim

When painting a brick house, you can also opt for a warm white and stark white trim combination. Generally speaking, the off-white brick body color must have enough warmth to create contrast with the trim.

In the white painted brick before and after photos below, there’s just enough contrast so the two outdoor surfaces don’t blend together.

shell white brick home exteriors

As a reference the colors chosen for this exterior transformation were Shell White (SW 8917) for the brick and Site White (SW 7070) for the trim. Overall, painting the brick a creamy off-white was a huge upgrade versus the previous yellow brick facade.

Top Brick Painting FAQs

Is painting a brick house a good idea?

Painting your brick house exterior is a great way to modernize your home's curb appeal and increase its value. Using a warm white or a charcoal gray brick paint color can transform an exterior when painted correctly. Not to mention, a fresh coat of paint can protect your brick from future deterioration from the elements for years.

What is the best color to paint a brick house?

The best exterior paint colors for brick homes are creamy whites like Alabaster (SW 7008) from Sherwin-Williams and off-whites with grey undertones like Sea Pearl (OC-19) by Benjamin Moore. Darker brick colors like Onyx by PPG are also trending in 2023.

Is painted brick going out of style?

Ask any exterior design expert, painting brick is not going out of style any time soon. Painted brick is here to stay as new homeowners prefer this modern look over traditional unpainted brick exteriors. Likewise, you can always change the color of your brick siding if you'd like.

How long does painted brick house last?

A newly painted brick house will last 5-8 years when prepared correctly. Proper surface preparation includes performing brick repairs and pressure washing the home before painting. Using a masonry primer and a quality exterior latex paint is also important. For best results, hire a professional painting company that specializes in painting brick like Improovy.

Which is the best brick paint?

If you are looking to paint any brick or masonry, consider using KILZ Masonry Waterproofer. This product is water-resistant to 12 PSI, mildew resistant, and acrylic latex-based making it a great option for porous brick. Learn more about the best brick paint colors trending this year.

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