According to a recent 2023 home painting survey, painters charge an average of $3.45 per sqft in Dallas, Texas.

Overall, the total price of a Dallas house painting project costs $6,487 on average in 2023. Indeed, this is the average cost to hire a professional Dallas, TX painter across all interior and exterior paint jobs. For a more accurate price to paint your Dallas home, request a free painting quote from the top painters near Dallas.

How much does it cost to paint a house in Dallas

How Much Should It Cost to Paint a Room in Dallas, TX?

The average cost to paint a room in Dallas, Texas is $643 including all labor and materials. Specifically, the most important factors affecting interior painting costs are the size of the room, the condition of the walls, and ceiling height.

No question, more prep work and higher ceilings increases painting time. As a result, labor costs rise. Not to mention, you need more paint as the total square footage of the painted surface area increases.

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How much should it cost to paint a room in Dallas, TX?

For example, the cost to paint a large living room with 14-foot ceilings can range from $973 to $1,788. Obviously, taller walls requiring special ladders which increase accessibility issues and project labor time.

On the other hand, a small bathroom with no prep work and standard 8ft ceilings can be painted for under $500. Of course, Dallas interior painters charge less for easier spaces that can be completed within a day.

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Average Cost of Painting An Entire Dallas Interior

The average cost to paint the entire interior of a home in Dallas range from $5,729 to $7,361 including all materials and labor.

Painting a whole home interior typically includes all walls, trim, ceilings, windows, doors, and baseboards. It also includes the cost of painting bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways as well as the living room, kitchen, dining room, and family room.

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interior house painting costs dallas texas

Not to mention, many homes in DFW have knockdown or stucco textured walls. As you can imagine, these textured walls take more paint to coat than typical “orange peel” texture drywall.

Be sure to add an additional $78 per every two rooms with stucco walls being painted. This accounts for the extra gallon of paint needed for proper coverage.

Over 40% of homes in north Dallas suburbs like Frisco, McKinney, and Plano, TX have this texture so plan accordingly.

Larger Texas Homes Cost More

Given the recent influx of new construction, the average size of a home in the DFW metro area is now over 2,400 square feet.

Furthermore, many Dallas residences are at least two stories and contain staircases. As a rule of thumb, the average cost to paint the railings, risers, and side skirting of a staircase ranges from $1,232 to $2,572 per set of stairs.

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Dallas Exterior Painting Prices Per Square Foot

Dallas exterior painting costs range from $3.40 to $4.10 per square foot on average including all supplies and labor. The reason for a wider sqft price range is that exterior surfaces on houses in North Texas vary greatly.

Accordingly, stucco or brick exteriors require more paint and labor than average to properly apply multiple coats of paint. When painting stucco or exterior brick, budget an additional 30% to 60% per square foot for paint and labor costs.

Dallas Exterior Painting Prices Per Square Foot

Lastly, many homeowners don’t realize how much the paint color you choose affects the total cost of painting your house. As you can imagine, major color changes require more coats of paint to cover.

Luckily, most reputable Dallas painting contractors include 2 coats in their standard house paint price quote. However, a third or fourth coat may be needed for certain colors chosen later on. Consequently, each extra coat of paint will cost you from $330 per small room to $970 per large room.

How much does it cost to paint the exterior of a house in Dallas, Texas?

The cost to paint the exterior of a house in Dallas ranges from $5,963 to $7,712 on average including all labor and materials. Generally, the most important factors impacting the cost of exterior painting are your home’s size and surfaces being painted. That in addition to the time between paint jobs.

In most cases, a three-story house costs more to paint than a one-story ranch home in Dallas, Texas. However, the surface being painted is also a consideration. Indeed, you’ll pay less to paint only the trim of a two-story home versus all trim and siding of a smaller home.

How much does it cost to paint the exterior of a house in Dallas, Texas?

Finally, the longer you wait between exterior painting jobs, the higher price you’ll pay. Texas weather wreaks havoc on Dallas homes from humid, hot summers to spring thunderstorm season.

By all means, exterior paint protects your house from harsh Dallas weather elements in addition to maintaining curb appeal. In fact, the best way to save money on painting your home exterior in Dallas is to repaint every 3-5 years regularly. That way, you’ll avoid costly repairs and expensive prep labor. Certainly, it takes a ton of time to scrape, sand and prime areas of peeling exterior paint.

All in all, the average homeowner pays $1,384 more per year in prep and repair work each season they delay an exterior repaint.

House Painting Cost Per Hour

The hourly rate to hire professional house painters in Dallas ranges from $56 to $83 per hour on average. Some specialty finish work like painting cabinets, patching stucco, or staining wood can cost up to $117 per hour. No question, the additional costs for specialty painting work are worth paying to do it right the first time.

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House Painting Cost Per Hour

It’s rare to find an insured professional painting company in Dallas or suburbs like Frisco or Plano that charge an hourly rate. That’s why hourly painting estimates don’t include the price of paint, materials, or fixed expenses like insurance.

With this in mind, be wary of any painter that offers up an hourly rate or accepts cash only. These types of fly-by-night contractors won’t think twice about putting your home or family at risk. Not to mention, they rarely carry workers’ compensation or even standard liability insurance.

DIY Painting Versus Hiring Professional Painters

DIY painting costs range from a few hundred dollars to paint a room yourself to thousands of dollars to paint an entire interior or exterior.

The average Dallas interior paint job takes 3 to 5 days for a professional painting crew of two to complete. This includes all the setup and cleanup time to apply a fresh coat of paint on all interior surfaces.

Do I need to wash my walls before painting?

DIY Painting Cost Vs Professional Painters

To do the job yourself it’ll likely take 6 to 10 days of labor to finish the same interior project it takes two professional painters. Of course, assuming you’re skilled enough at painting to match a professional’s production rates.

For the average homeowner or novice painter, expect to produce at 40% of the professional rate. This means a 6-day interior repaint will take you 15 days. And a 10-day project will take a total of 25 days or just under a month to paint yourself.

For those still considering DIY, read on to learn about the cost of Dallas paints, equipment, and prep materials.

Dallas, Texas Paint Material Prices

The average price to buy paint in Dallas, Texas is $74 per gallon for homeowners. Given recent regional inflation rates, prices are 10% higher than the national average. This assumes you are buying quality house paint at a reputable Dallas paint store like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.

Certainly, material costs can differ if you are buying lower-quality paint from Home Depot, Lowes, or PPG. Since you’re painting to give your house a new look anyways, you should pay for a quality product.

price of gallon of paint in dallas regal select

A few of our favorite interior and exterior paint products from Sherwin-Williams include SuperPaint or Duration. Remember, each product has an interior and exterior-specific formula. Knowing this, ask the representative at your local paint store what product and sheen they recommend for your project.

In addition, we recommend Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select for interior paint projects and their Advance product for trim painting projects. Lastly, don’t forget about choosing the correct sheen of paint for the job.

Which Paint Sheen Do I Buy?

Here is a helpful list of which paint sheen to use based on the surface being painted:

  • Semi-Gloss or Gloss For Trim, Doors, and Windows
  • Use Eggshell Or Satin For Walls or Siding
  • Flat or Matte for Walls or Siding with Lots of Imperfections
  • Use Oil-Based Paints or Primers to Seal Water Damaged Areas or Kill Mold

We tested the two top paint brands in America to help you decide. Check out our recent Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams article to see which is best for your job.

A Gallon of Paint’s Coverage

In terms of paint coverage per square foot, you can expect one gallon of paint to cover 350 square feet of interior walls or outdoor siding. For trim, one gallon of paint will cover 700 linear feet.

Sherwin williams dallas paints

So to paint an average 14×14 bedroom in Dallas with 10-ft walls, you’d need 2 gallons of wall paint and 1 gallon of trim paint. At $74 per gallon, you will spend around $200 to $250 per room on paint alone. Multiply that by the number of rooms in your house to get the total cost of paint to DIY an entire interior.

But, alas DIY-warrior, you’re not done yet. Next, we’ll cover the exciting and expensive cost of buying paint equipment!

How Much To Budget For Paint Equipment

You should budget $200 to $400 for basic paint application items like brushes, rollers, tape, and drop cloths. This includes surface prep tools like sandpaper, drywall compound, and caulking guns.

Add another $250-$850 for ladders and extension equipment. Some project require specialty finish equipment like a professional paint sprayer. These retail at $350 to $1,200 for a decent model so budget accordingly.

buying painting equipment in dallas texas

If you are still up to DIY-paint homes after all of that, you should consider starting a painting business of your own. Luckily the cost of starting a paint business and DIY painting your home aren’t that different.

In any case, budget to spend from $450 to $1,800 on paint equipment to DIY paint an entire interior or exterior house.

Dallas House Painting Price FAQs

Here are some of the most frequent job price questions Improovy’s expert Dallas painters get from homeowners.

How much do professional painters charge in Dallas?

Professional painters in Dallas charge $6,545 to paint an entire home interior or $6,837 to paint a whole house exterior on average. This includes all the supplies and labor to do the job right.

However, the painting cost range can be drastic among painters in Dallas. That's because there is no license required to become a painter in the state of Texas. Equally important, most painting contractors struggle to profitably price a paint job.

Do you tip painters?

It is not expected but we recommend tipping $20 per painter for smaller projects or $40 per painter for larger entire home painting jobs that take 2 or more days. In lieu of a tip, you can also leave a positive review on google or yelp. However, skip Angiestlist or Homeadvisor as these sites prey on contractors.

How often should you paint interior walls?

You should paint interior walls every 5-8 years or whenever you want a different, updated, and fresh look to your interior aesthetic. Also, most homeowners paint before listing a home for sale or prior to moving into a new house.

Likewise, a new coat of paint can dramatically change the look of your home and results in an ROI of 107% when you are ready to sell. All things considered, interior painting is often a no-brainer for most savvy homeowners.

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