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Improovy offers the highest-quality drywall repair services for your home or business. Be it for small holes or large holes, we're the team for the job.

Basement Drywall Repairs after Water Damages

Any small holes, such as nail and screw holes, we will generally fill for you free of charge. For bigger holes, we can cut out and patch the drywall, but that comes with a charge. Similarly, we can also fix poor patch jobs, re-mud, and reapply mud tape as needed. Not to mention, our professional painters can also repair drywall damaged by water.

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Wall Repairs Drywall Patches

Our drywall repair services are best suited for localized repairs. Do you have water damage in a few different spots on your ceiling? We can handle it. Do you need a 4 foot by 4-foot section of drywall replaced? No problem. Our drywall repair experts are here to assist with big and small drywall jobs in your home or office space.

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