How Much Do Painters Charge in Denver, Colorado?

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How much painters charge in Denver, Colorado relies on many factors but it is affordable.

A recent Denver paint cost study reveals that the average interior painting project price is $3,953. Likewise, the average exterior painting project cost in Denver is $5,837.

More specifically, Denver painting companies charge $62 per square foot on average to paint a home.

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how much do painters charge in Denver, Colorado?

These cost estimates include all labor, paint materials, and supplies to paint a house in Denver, CO. Most often, Denver house painting prices vary based on the total square footage of a home.

Additional pricing factors include how many coats of paint are needed and which surfaces are being painted.

Considering that the ROI on interior painting is 107% and 55% for exteriors, the money you spend may be worth it.

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The Cost To Paint a Room in Denver, CO

As a reference, the average price to professionally paint a room in Denver is $694.

This price to paint a room in Denver assumes the use of high-quality paint and minor sanding or patching. Indeed, these include painting kitchen cabinets or major drywall repairs.

However, when tackling more complicated home improvement projects, Denver paint contracting costs are higher.

interior room painters costs Denver, CO

Accordingly, the total cost to paint kitchen cabinets in Denver ranges from $5,641 to $8,967 on average. Lastly, adding an accent wall paint color will cost $179 on average depending on the total sq. ft of the surface.

Whether you are painting a living room or the entire exterior of your home, these are the price ranges you can expect to pay.

Next up, let’s break down interior or exterior prices in the city of Denver versus Colorado state.

How much do painters charge per day of labor across the United States?

How much does it cost to paint a house in Colorado?

When it comes to what painters charge in Colorado, the cost to paint is slightly lower than in the Denver metro area.

Painters in Colorado charge an average of $4.50 per square foot. Similarly, the average exterior painting project in Colorado costs $5,530.

On the other hand, the average interior painting project price is $3,581 in the state of Colorado. For your reference, we include nearby cities like Boulder and Colorado Springs as part of the Denver metro area versus the state.

Colorado home painting cost prices

In a nutshell, the price difference that painting contractors in Denver charge versus painting services in Colorado is based on the cost of living. As a whole, Denver has a higher cost of living than the national average.

These higher costs to live in Denver, CO result in higher local house painter hourly rates. Concurrently, the price per gallon of paint is higher.

This is true no matter what type of paint you buy. In any case, the average price a Denver homeowner will spend is $87 per gallon of paint.

No question, this influences whether it’s worth it to DIY paint a home’s interior or exterior versus hiring a professional painting service.

Denver House Painting Cost

As a Denver homeowner, you can either hire a local house painter or DIY paint yourself.

To help you decide, our experts outline the painting projects to DIY yourself versus hiring a professional.

For your reference, Denver house painting costs $4,897 on average. This is the price to paint the walls or siding of an entire house’s interior or exterior if hiring a contractor.

Likewise, the average painting project takes from 3 days to 6 days to complete. Not surprisingly, the number of days to paint depends on the size of the Denver painter’s crew.

diy painting cost denver house

Alternatively, DIY painting the same space described above would range from $778 to $1,983 on average.

Indeed, the majority of the cost of DIY is your time and energy.

No question, this is largely determined by your skill level and the difficulty of the project. So if you are a good painter and can handle ladders or heights, it may be best to paint yourself. If not, learn more about our exterior painting services.

DIY Home Painting Price Comparison

According to a Denver house painter survey, the average cost for professional interior painting is between $3.80 and $5.90 per square foot.

As a rule of thumb, the average interior painter’s cost ranges from $57 to $66 per hour of painting labor in Denver, Colorado. Now, this does not include the paint and materials for an interior painting job.

Add in materials and paint and your hourly cost for interior painting in Denver ranges from $87 to $114 on average. The higher end of that range would be for specialty work like faux finishes, detailed painting, and wallpaper installation.

tall walls painted in Denver Colorado

Also, your interior home painting budget may change if you add ceilings, trim, baseboards, or staircases.

Ceilings and trim require fewer materials but more detailed painting work which results in a higher labor cost. Likewise, baseboards and staircases are labor-heavy as well.

On the other hand, walls are easier to paint fast but require more paint to be used. Visit our new guide to get a full breakdown of interior paint costs.

Painting Tall Ceilings Takes Longer

Lastly, the complexity of your interior paint job has a major impact on costs.

For example, a 120 sqft room with standard 8-foot ceilings can be painted 1.8x faster than a similarly-sized room with vaulted ceilings. In this case, you can expect to pay more for a room with taller ceilings than a normal room.

On the other hand, handling ladders or heights can be extremely dangerous for average homeowners.

Certainly, something to keep in mind when deciding to DIY versus hiring a pro.

Exterior House Painters Price

The price to hire an exterior house painter in Denver costs between $4.40 and $5.70 per square foot on average.

Denver exterior house painters charge from $52 to $71 per hour of painting labor on average. If you include paint and materials, you can expect to pay from $93 to $116 per hour on average for an exterior painter in Denver to paint your house.

exterior house painting cost denver lakewood

One thing we haven’t talked about when it comes to exterior painting costs is the weather. It may sound obvious, but you can’t paint in the rain or if the temperature is too cold or hot.

In general, most smart painting companies budget additional costs to account for unpredictable weather conditions. If they do not, then expect your paint crew to cut corners with prep work or watered-down paint.

Denver Painting Cost-Saving Tip

That’s why you should avoid hiring the lowest-priced painter or handyman in the Denver area. You’ll end up paying the full price of the job either upfront or down the line when you have to repaint again in a year.

cost saving tip to paint in denver

At that point, most fly-by-night painting contractors often go out of business or become suddenly unresponsive.

Now, you are stuck hiring another crew to fix it or are facing even higher repair costs to replace rotted wood or water leaks. All things considered, you’re better off just hiring a reputable and highly-rated painter in Denver instead.

Otherwise, you might spend the entire summer and early fall painting the house yourself anyways.

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Interior Vs Exterior Painting Costs

Typically an exterior painting project requires more labor and materials to complete compared to the average interior paint job. In turn, most exterior painting estimates will be more expensive than what interior painters charge in Denver, Colorado.

As a state, Colorado gets all 4 seasons so the average home is hit with a variety of elements like rain, snow, and heat in the summer. No question, this wide range of Colorado weather can wreak havoc on a house’s exterior. As a result, you get more peeling paint or stain on exterior surfaces in a shorter period of time.

interior versus exterior denver home painting price

Because of this, exteriors require more prep work than interiors. driving up the average cost of painting. Indeed, more preparation work means higher labor costs.

This includes power washing and scraping peeling paint before repainting outdoor surfaces. Not to mention, your home’s exterior may need extensive wood replacement or caulking if you wait too long between paint jobs.

How to Save Money When Painting Your Home

When you choose to hire a professional painter in Colorado, you’ll find the best contractors at the fairest price if you book in the off-season.

Each year, Colorado or Denver painters are busiest in March-September. If you wait to get a painting quote when it’s busy, you’ll be paying 20% more.

Moreover, the best painters will be booked and you’ll either wait or settle for a lower-quality crew. While October and November are slower, the sweet spot is to book your interior or exterior paint project in the winter.

For that reason, book your painting job in December-February to save money without sacrificing quality workmanship.

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