What are the best bedroom paint color ideas for a calm and cozy sleep? Our interior design experts rank their top 12 bedroom wall color choices of 2024!

According to leading design experts, the best wall colors for a bedroom are warm pastels, soft white paint shades, and neutral-leaning blues and greens.

Moreover, we’ve listed our favorite soft light gray paint colors as well as rosy off-whites with light pink and terracotta undertones to create a naturally inviting bedroom design.

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best wall colors for bedrooms

Indeed, this year’s list includes designer favorites from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams or Farrow & Ball and Behr Paints.

From master bedroom accent walls to tranquil color palettes best for sleep, our top picks will help you find the perfect color scheme. Not to mention, we’ve included a photo of how each color looks in a bedroom to help you visualize better.

Accordingly, we’ll also cover the best two-tone bedroom wall combinations for a calming effect in your master or guest bedroom look and interior design.

Let’s kick off our top 12 bedroom paint color ideas list with our best, trendy hue of the year for the most important room in your home.

1. Benjamin Moore White Dove

The best paint color to paint your bedroom walls is White Dove OC-17 by Benjamin Moore. No question, this classic creamy-white with warm gray undertones is an incredibly popular wall color for bedrooms.

Moreover, the warmth of this bright white color creates a cozy environment. Furthermore, it’s light enough of a white wall color to make small bedrooms look larger.

white dove benjamin moore bedrooms

Your best bet is to pair White Dove with dark or medium wood floors that won’t bring out slightly yellow undertones in this wall hue. This means that you should avoid pairing it with natural or honey oak wood flooring finishes or warm-toned carpeting.

Lastly, White Dove looks great paired with flat ceilings and semigloss white trim, making it versatile.

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Interior Bedroom Color Advice

In general, we recommend an eggshell finish for any bedroom paint hue as opposed to a flat or matte sheen. Whether you have a small bedroom or larger space, headboards and nightstands or dressers often scuff the walls.

Hence, using an eggshell finish on your bedroom’s walls is more resilient and easier to clean than flatter paint finishes.

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2. Sherwin Williams Origami White

Without question, we love Sherwin Williams Origami White for bedrooms. This is another smooth and creamy wall color that’s perfect for your bedroom walls. Like White Dove, it is a warmer neutral off-white that is both versatile and exudes tranquility.

It also has a tinge of gray as an undertone so it blends nicely with any bedroom decor. Indeed, these characteristics ensure that your bedroom furniture and home decor are easy to coordinate with this popular shade of white paint.

origami white bedroom walls

Another reason we love Origami is that it’s not as pure of a white as Alabaster or Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. Unfortunately, pure white or almost white paint tones can make a bedroom look cold and sterile.

Not to mention, stark whites often come with a high LRV (light reflective value). This means you will have trouble covering previous bedroom wall colors in two or three coats.

In contrast, Origami White has an LRV of 76 which is still on the high end but manageable nonetheless. All in all, this neutral bedroom color is neither too creamy nor too crisp, which makes it a great choice for a room where balance is important.

Small Bedroom Wall Color Ideas 2024

The best wall color ideas for small bedrooms are to use off-white, light gray, and brighter shades of neutral paint hues. Certainly, you can paint a small bedroom blue or green. In this case, most design experts recommend sticking with the two lightest shades of a particular paint swatch color sample.

If you fall in love with a particular wall bedroom color like a soothing sage green or coastal blue, opt to go one shade lighter if possible. The reason for this is that lighter paint colors will open up a small bedroom, making it look larger. Another trick is to strategically position mirrors to make the space look bigger.

Likewise, you can also play around with different lighting to make a small bedroom appear larger.

3. Behr Light French Gray

Next on our top bedroom wall color ideas list is Light French Gray by Behr Paints. Again, we love the versatility of this neutral gray which leans a bit cooler with slight undertones of blue and brown.

Not to be confused with Sherwin-Williams’ Light French Gray, this calm and serene wall color from Behr works much better for bedrooms.

It can open up a smaller room’s look and feel while offering enough contrast against stark white trim and white bedroom ceilings.

master bedroom gray paint color

Unlike the previous two off-white bedroom shades, Light French Gray matches beautifully with natural or honey oak wood floors in a bedroom.

Accordingly, its cool properties help tone down the yellow undertones of lighter wooden floors. If you are looking to go lighter with your gray bedroom hue, check out Behr’s Reflecting Pool, which is featured further down this list.

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4. Upward By Sherwin-Williams

The best blue wall bedroom color of the year is Upward by Sherwin Williams. This lovely hue is more of a blue-gray or a neutral light blue that oozes tranquility.

Both clean and calming, Upward is a pure blue that’s light and fresh. This is what makes it the perfect pale blue bedroom paint color with subtle hints of gray.

However, it can make a room feel too cold if matched with gray or cooler-toned flooring, so plan accordingly.

Likewise, you can pair this shade with a crisp white for a gorgeous two-toned bedroom accent color. In a similar fashion, it can still stand on its own as a main color for the entire room.

upward sherwin williams light blue colors

On the other hand, this calming blue tone can be tricky to coordinate with stronger color palettes. Moreover, Upward can look different depending on how much natural light your bedroom gets.

Furthermore, Upward can be a solid blue paint option when painting a master bathroom or guest room the same color.

Lastly, it pairs effortlessly with cherry floors or medium-toned wood trim with red or champaign undertones.

Given the right conditions, this trending blue wall color can appear lighter when painted on a bedroom wall versus how it looks on a color wheel.

5. Linen White By Benjamin Moore

Yet another soft and creamy off-white paint color that works exceptionally well in most bedrooms is Linen White by Benjamin Moore.

Certainly, this is a warm white with slight yellow undertones that reminds us of fresh, clean sheets. Linen White creates a relaxed and inviting space that can cheer up any bedroom that receives enough sunlight.

linen white paint master bedroom

Our painting experts love this hue for bedroom walls because of its versatility.

In effect, Linen White can work in modern, cottage, farmhouse, traditional, and transitional interior house color schemes. This makes it easy to coordinate with living room and hallway colors.

Coordinate this warmer white wall color with a sage green or earthy beige with clay undertones. Above all, you should pair warm colors like this with cooler-leaning floors and decor to create a balanced feel in your space.

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6. Breezeway by Behr Paints

A neutral and inviting wall color that’s a designer favorite for bedrooms is Breezeway by Behr. Indeed, this is a grown-up minty green-blue with hints of gray.

No question, Breezeway is a serene and delicate bedroom color that’s both elegant and timeless.

Inspired by the sea, you can characterize this as a silvery green shade that’s perfect for small bedrooms or nurseries. Actually, many believe this is a better teal wall color than Sherwin William’s ever-popular Sea Salt.

breezeway bedroom wall behr

As you may have heard, Breezeway is Behr’s 2022 paint color of the year. While we love this calm green paint in a bedroom, be careful what flooring or lighting tones you pair it with. Breezeway has hints of yellow as an undertone so avoid pairing it with natural or warmer toned flooring.

Instead, match it with gray floors or cooler lighting temperatures to ensure the yellow does not come through.

In the end, this tranquil green bedroom shade works wonderfully in a coastal farmhouse vibe with just enough coolness to offset bedrooms with too-warm lighting or decor.

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7. Farrow & Ball All White

Putting aside the latest color trends, sometimes it’s good to start with a blank slate in your bedroom. All White by Farrow and Ball is the perfect clean and crisp white wall color to build your interior decor preferences around.

Accordingly, it contains no pigment other than white so you can pair it with a dark blue accent for a distinctive contrast. Neither cool nor warm, it is a brilliant, graphic white that looks great on bedroom walls, trim, or ceilings.

farrow and ball bedroom all white

While Farrow and Ball paint is super pricey compared to other paint stores, the quality of their product has increased recently.

In the past, painters have harped on the value you get for such an expensive paint so they upped their game in terms of quality.

This bedroom color is so darn white that you can pair it with a slight off-white like Simply White by Sherwin Williams and still afford some contrast. You can also pair it with darker DIY wallpaper for a striking statement wall shade in the bedroom.

8. Calm (Benjamin Moore)

When it comes to painting bedroom walls, Calm by Benjamin Moore is a warm gray that is serene and versatile. In our experience, homeowners and designers love this soothing off-white with hints of lilac and lavender-gray.

Calm is simply the perfect shade of light gray to help take the stress away after a long day.

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calm benjamin moore paints

When comparing Benjamin Moore’s Calm vs White Dove, the former has purple undertones and tends to show more as a gray than an off-white.

Of course, this is affected by the lighting temperature and the amount of natural sunlight your bedroom gets.

While Calm is warmer-leaning, it remains quite neutral in terms of wall hues. So it works with a variety of flooring tones and decorative items like colorful throw pillows or textured duvet bedding covers.

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9. PPG Olive Sprig

The bedroom paint color that gives the most natural vibe on our list is PPG’s Olive Spring. This warm green wall shade helps bring the serenity of the outdoors into your bedroom. Both authentic and earthy,

Olive Sprig is in line with recent trends toward sustainability. This lush green is organic in nature and best paired with soft rose tones.

olive sprig ppg bedroom sage green

What’s more, you can find PPG paint colors at your local Home Depot. Certainly, this is a huge perk for homeowners that live nearby.

Not only is this natural green trending, but it was also named PPG’s 2022 wall color of the year. In like fashion, you can use this with reddish cherry flooring or cooler wooden floors for an organic-based interior bedroom design scheme.

All in all, Olive Spring is relaxed when you need it to be, as you wind down late at night. But also bright and airy for an energy boost when you wake up in the early morning. Two factors that make it a wonderfully organic bedroom paint shade.

10. Reflecting Pool by Behr

Reflecting Pool is one of Behr’s most popular paint colors in bedrooms for a reason. Many call it the perfect cool mix of blue, green, and gray hues.

Certainly Reflecting Pool is a neutral gray, like a number of other colors on this list. However, what we love most about this bedroom color is when it’s paired with warm-toned or natural flooring.

behr reflecting pool bedrooms

Cooler leaning gray-blue wall tones like Reflecting Pool are perfect for modern designs and sleek, upscale bedroom decor. Especially when you combine it with dark stained wood headboards, nightstands, and bedroom dressers.

It’s actually just a touch lighter than Behr’s Light French gray, the third-best bedroom color ranked this year. As a result, you can combine both paint hues in the same bedroom as an accent and body-color combo.

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11. Intimate White by Sherwin-Williams

Indeed, the perfect pink bedroom color has to be Intimate White by Sherwin-Williams. As a refreshing and pretty pink bedroom paint color, it’s both lively and relaxed. Use this airy wall hue in a kid’s bedroom or nursery for a cheery and light vibe.

sherwin williams intimate white

Despite being pink, Intimate White is still a neutral pastel which makes it a versatile bedroom tone for walls. If you are nervous about adding color to a bedroom, this airy pink will help you ease into it.

Likewise, it can be used in traditional room decor as well as a farmhouse-infused, warm, and inviting neutral bedroom color.

Looking to ditch the blue or green bedroom trend? No problem, this blush-toned pink can help you add some soft warmth to any space, including guest bathrooms or master bedrooms.

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Favorite Bedroom Colors For Couples

The best bedroom color for couples is Intimate White by Sherwin Williams. This neutral pink hue works wonders in creating a romantic and relaxing bedroom atmosphere. A few more favorite bedroom colors for couples include neutral shades of pink, soft blue-grays, and earthy greens.

For a little spice, you can add a toned down shade of terracotta or even a regal purple shade as an accent color.

Accordingly, warmer whites and natural, soft tones can help make a master bedroom feel comfortable and tranquil for couples. Given that we’re spending more time at home these days than ever, this has never been more important.

Luckily, each of these colors helps promote wellness, leading to a restful night of sleep.

12. Neutral Ground (SW 7568)

Simple and ultimately warm, Sherwin’s Neutral Ground (SW 7568) is another popular bedroom color that is worth mentioning. One of our favorite beige bedroom wall shades, it artfully bridges the gap between warm and cold hues.

Another super versatile tone for bedroom walls, Neutral Ground actually has slight green undertones. Although in a certain light, you can actually spot gray undertones in this soothing beige color choice.

neutral ground bedroom painted

By the same token, the most important factor that affects the look of Neutral Ground in bedrooms is lighting conditions. In a south-facing room with plenty of sunlight, it looks creamy and tan. In north-facing darker bedrooms with shorter walls, the hints of gray really come out.

Consequently, we recommend using this chameleon-like wall shade in northern facing or smaller bedrooms. This is because it can look a bit washed-out in a south-facing bedroom with a ton of natural light or vaulted ceilings. On the whole, this transformative neutral beige can work wonders for a bedroom under the right conditions.

Two Color Combination For Bedroom Walls

One of our favorite two color combinations for bedroom walls is pairing Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog with Neutral Grounds. Not only is Evergreen Fog Sherwin’s 2022 paint color of the year, but it also brings out the best undertones in Neutral Ground.

No question, the undertones brought out when pairing two bedroom wall colors affect how your coordinate your space.

Two-tone bedroom painting colors are achieved in multiple ways. First, you can use the lighter hue of the two as a main color and the dark color as an accent.

Oftentimes, the best wall to paint an accent color on in a bedroom is the wall adjacent to the headboard of your bed. Think a navy blue accent like Naval paired with a crisp neutral like All White by Farrow and Ball.

two tone color combination bedroom walls

Secondly, to pull off a two color idea in a bedroom you can paint the bottom half of a wall one color and the top another. Typically this involves walls with chair railing trim or wainscoting.

In this two-tone bedroom color scheme, you can paint the top half the darker color and the bottom half a lighter or neutral shade. In rare cases you can coordinate the opposite color sequence, often if they are similar colors on the same paint swatch.

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Two-Tone Painting Tip For Bedrooms

Another neat painting trick in a bedroom is to paint the wall opposite a window your accent color depending on if you want to open up a small bedroom or vice versa. So paint a lighter color opposite the windows to reflect more light or a darker shade to absorb it.

Believe it or not, there are instances where bedrooms are too-bright. This two-tone wall color tip can help diffuse some of the brightness to help you sleep better.

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Bedroom Wall Color FAQs

Below are the most asked bedroom wall color questions from homeowners like yourself. We hope this guide helped you narrow down your favorite bedroom painting color tones. Now, let’s get to painting!

What colors should I avoid when painting my bedroom?

You should avoid bright reds, yellows, and dark brown wall colors when painting a bedroom. These vibrant tones can ruin a serene space and make you anxious when you should be relaxed and sleepy. Also, avoid pops of color on ceilings or crazy dark trim paint colors in bedrooms. Rarely have we found bedrooms that are able to incorporate yellows or red without looking terrible. Indeed, red walls are the opposite of calming colors you’d want in a room where people sleep.

Which is the most peaceful color for a bedroom?

Blue or indigo hues give you the most peaceful sleep according to a Travelodge study. A great night’s sleep can also be had with soft greige or warm, earthy sage green wall bedroom colors.

Should bedrooms be painted dark or light?

Small bedrooms should be painted light and large bedrooms can be painted dark colors. Typically a dark color in a bedroom works best as an accent. However, we have seen homeowners pull off bolder main wall colors that are darker on all four walls. Even with large bedrooms, high ceilings and plenty of sunlight are needed for darker hues. Certainly, a dark paint shade can help you sleep better which is essential for any bedroom color palette.

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