Thinking about moving to a suburb of Denver, Colorado?

Here’s a list of the 13 best Denver suburbs of 2024 to help you find the perfect place to settle down. Whether you’re buying a home or just visiting the mile-high city, Denver’s suburbs have tons to offer.

best denver suburbs

Most recently, families and young professionals have been moving to Denver, CO in droves. Accordingly, people move to the Denver metro area because of the Rocky Mountain views, outdoor activities, and Colorado’s fantastic weather.

Overall, our list of Denver’s best suburbs is based on family friendliness, access to outdoor amenities, home values, and resident wellness. Furthermore, proximity to Downtown Denver was also a factor. Likewise, we update our rankings yearly to include up-and-coming trendy Denver neighborhoods.

As an easy reference, here’s a map of Denver’s best suburbs that made the list this year. From Centennial and Cherry Creek to Boulder and Broomfield, we hope this quintessential list helps!

1. Littleton

Littleton, Colorado is a Denver suburb located 10 miles south of Downtown Denver, a 24-minute drive. As Denver’s best suburbs, Littleton spans across Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson counties.

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littleton co best suburb in denver

Additionally, this lovely suburb of Denver is known for top-notch schools and for being a family-friendly, safe community.

Moreover, Littleton’s historic downtown is lined with plenty of boutique shops and restaurants. No question, this makes downtown Littleton one of the hottest neighborhoods to buy a home in the Denver metro area.

Important Littleton, Colorado Stats

  • Population: 123,436
  • Average Home Value: $718,147 (8% increase in 2022)
  • Median Household Income: $82,997
  • School Rating: A

Check out the mountain views from Littleton, Colorado!

A Great Suburbs of Denver For Families

Not to mention, there are a ton of kid-friendly activities as well as outdoor amenities in Littleton, Colorado. These include Roxborough State Park and the Littleton Museum. Indeed, this makes it one of the best suburbs to raise a family in the state of Colorado.

However, what makes Littleton stand out as the best mile-high city suburb of 2023 is its location. A drive from Denver to Littleton can take as little as 20 minutes. Similarly, you can reach the base of the rocky mountains from Littleton, CO in 20 minutes as well.

Couple that with stunning mountain views, great schools, and low crime rates and you have Denver’s best suburb of the year.

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2. Centennial

Next on our list is Centennial, an affluent suburb of Denver located in Arapahoe County. This trendy suburb is a 30-minute drive southeast of Denver via I-25 and 20 minutes east of Littleton.

Established on February 7, 2001, Centennial is Denver’s newest larger-sized suburb. Not to mention, it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the Denver–Aurora–Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Area.

These days, Southglenn and Castlewood remain Centennial’s best neighborhoods to buy real estate.

centennial co best neighborhoods denver

Also worth noting is that Centennial is one of the safest cities in America. This makes it a popular place for young professionals and for families to raise their kids. As a reference, Centennial’s top-rated schools include Littleton and Cherry Creek School Districts.

Without question, there’s a ton to do for families and outdoor enthusiasts in town. The city is known for its open spaces with easy access to tons of trails and over 14 parks.

Local Stats of Centennial, CO Overview:

  • Population: 106,966
  • Avg Home Value: $684,875 (up 8.9% over the past year)
  • Median Household Income: $114,375
  • School Rating: A+

Moreover, Centennial Center Park is always hosting family-friendly events.

Too warm to hit the slopes? Snobahn is Colorado’s first European-style indoor ski and snowboard center.

Lastly, there are tons of new homes and well-developed neighborhoods with older houses in Centennial, CO.

On the flip side, real estate is expensive and the cost of living is high here. Because Centennial is a newly established suburb, it lacks a small-town vibe.

3. Lakewood

Another highly-coveted large Denver suburb is Lakewood, Colorado. Located 8 miles Southwest of the city of Denver, it boasts some of the area’s best mountain views.

lakewood co denver suburb

Due to its proximity, locals love that Lakewood combines easy access to big city culture and outdoor activities of the Rocky Mountains. Indeed, Lakewood is easily reached by light rail service from Union Station in downtown Denver.

With over 100 parks, there are also plenty of outdoor activities in Lakewood, CO. As the largest suburb on our list, it has above-average schools (Jeffco public school district) and plenty of shopping and nightlife options.

Area Stats in Lakewood, Colorado:

  • Population: 156,605
  • Average Home Value: $620,150 (up 8.1% over the past year)
  • Median Household Income: $75,343
  • School Rating: A-

On a local level, Lakewood’s hot housing market and plentiful job opportunities make it an economic powerhouse in the Denver metro area. The city also has two municipal golf courses, Homestead and Fox Hollow.

One drawback of living in Lakewood is the commute to Denver, CO. While it’s a straight shot southwest via 6th avenue from the city, you should plan for traffic and congestion.

As you can imagine, this hurts Lakewood’s ranking this year. However, there’s no doubt that the city is one of Denver’s best suburbs to live in.

Does Lakewood, CO have a downtown?

Yes, Lakewood, Colorado has a vibrant downtown district that includes Heritage West and Belmar, a popular shopping destination with over 80 storefronts. Downtown Lakewood is also home to a number of great restaurants including 240 Union and Cafe Jordano.

Finally, there are lots of shops, bars, and a movie theater in downtown Lakewood. All of this makes it a solid nightlife destination just outside of Denver.

4. Broomfield

Situated 18 miles north of Denver is Broomfield, a lovely suburb known for being a natural paradise. With over 280 miles of regional biking trails and over 8,000 acres of public open space, it’s perfect for any outdoor enthusiast.

centennial co best neighborhoods denver

Furthermore, Broomfield is conveniently located halfway between Boulder and Denver. Likewise, there are a number of tech companies that call Broomfield, CO home.

Not only is this Denver suburb ripe for economic opportunity but it has great schools and low crime rates.

More Data in Broomfield, CO

  • Population: 75,325
  • Avg Home value: $683,675 (up 9.1% over the past year)
  • Median Household Income: $107,570
  • School Rating: A-

Further, this affluent north Denver suburb is the most populous town in Jefferson County with plenty of activities for nearby residents. In particular, Broomfield is home to 1stBank Center arena, a popular spot for concerts and events.

Nearby northern Denver cities include Westminster, Northglenn, Thornton, and Superior, CO. Read on to see if these fantastic nearby suburbs made our list this year.

5. Cherry Creek

While Cherry Creek is technically a Denver neighborhood, the affluent area’s distinct amenities and recent growth truly sets it apart. As one of Denver’s top shopping destinations, it’s full of unique boutiques, restaurants, and outdoor-focused storefronts.

Only minutes from Downtown Denver, Cherry Creek Shopping Center has over 160 shops with upscale options like Louis Vuitton and Nieman Marcus. Nearby suburbs

Cherry Creek, CO Area Stats

  • Population: 11,488
  • Average Home Value: $929,081 (up 13.9% over the past year)
  • Median Household Income: $125,634
  • School Rating: A+

As you may have guessed, Cherry Creek has the highest household income and home values outside of Boulder and Greenwood Village in the Denver area.

Without question, the movers and shakers and Denver’s elite are moving here. Up 13.9%, this ritzy Denver neighborhood’s home prices grew faster than any other city on this year’s list.

Lastly, Cherry Creek Trail is popular among cyclists and runs through town so grab your bike and let’s go!

6. Highlands Ranch

Located 30 minutes south of Denver is one of the metro area’s most vibrant and upscale communities, Highlands Ranch. This top-rated but expensive suburb of Denver is also 30 minutes away from both the foothills and the mountains.

highlands ranch, co city in denver metro

Unquestionably, there are a ton of walking and biking trails here. Not to mention, jaw-dropping mountain views all over Highlands Ranch, CO. This top Denver suburb is chock full of new construction homes and wide-open spaces, with over 70 miles of trails to navigate.

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Local Highlands Ranch Stats

  • Population: 107,017
  • Avg Home value: $744,668 (up 8.4% over the past year)
  • Median Household Income: $134,041
  • School Rating: A

Highlands Ranch not only has good schools but one of the highest median household incomes on our list. Correspondingly, it is close to the Denver Tech Center where many local homeowners work.

Although, this pricey city’s popularity has its drawbacks. Commute times have been on the rise as more people move nearby.

HOAs in Highlands Ranch

Another potential drawback is that most homes in Highland Ranch are located in homeowner’s associations.

HOAs may or may not be everyone’s cup of tea as they have monthly fees which can be expensive. Likewise, they can have strict rules when it comes to outdoor paint colors or landscaping styles.

On the other hand, maintaining a certain “look” in a neighborhood may lead to higher home values over time. Given that average home values haven’t dropped in these neighborhoods despite rising interest rates, HOAs might be good for subdivisions overall.

7. Arvada

Arvada is a fast 20-minute drive northwest of Denver’s city center. It’s all about the quality of life and family friendliness in Arvada, Colorado.

This highly-rated Denver metro suburb spans Jefferson and Adams counties. By car, Arvada is around 30 miles away from Denver International Airport, around a 45-minute drive.

arvada co denver suburb

Established in 1870, Arvada, CO has a rich history and wonderful schools with plenty of family-friendly amenities available.

In fact, it is known as the “Celery Capital of the World” which your kids may or may not be a fan of.

However, what we like most are Arvada’s small-town feel and its great schools.

About Arvada, Colorado

  • Population: 123,436
  • Average Home Values: $644,654 (up 7.3% over the past year)
  • Median Household Income: $96,677
  • School Ratings: A-

Indeed, Arvada’s historical roots come alive in Olde Town Arvada. As the heart and soul of the city, Olde Town is full of food, drink, and shopping options. Furthermore, there are a ton of beautiful parks and outdoor events for families.

Lastly, the city’s elementary, middle, and high schools are highly ranked across the state.

The only drawback is that Arvada’s crime rates are a bit higher than others on the list. Overall, it is an awesome place to live near Denver!

8. Boulder

One of the best places to live in Colorado and number 8 on our list is Boulder. Situated around 30 miles northwest of Denver, Boulder is more than your typical suburb. Similarly, the most direct route is US-highway 36. Overall, driving from Denver to boulder takes 50 minutes on average.

Certainly, there are three reasons why locals appreciate Boulder as being the perfect mix of urban and outdoor fun.

First, the city is located at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. As a result, Boulder has no lack of things to do for nature lovers.

downtown boulder co

From the trail-lined Flatiron mountains to the miles of biking trails alongside Boulder Creek, there’s always something to do.

Secondly, Boulder, CO is always bustling. Indeed, it is home to The University of Colorado Boulder and Techstars. That means there are plenty of job and tech talent opportunities in town.

Likewise, there are some world-class shopping and restaurants on Pearl Street. No question, Boulder has some of Colorado’s best restaurants including Oak at Fourteenth as well as River and Woods.

About Boulder, Colorado

  • Population: 104,175
  • Avg Home value: $1,047,990 (up 10.0% over the past year)
  • Median Household Income: $92,466
  • School Ratings: A+

Lastly, this pricey college town is quite popular with young professionals as well as families. With average single-family home values topping $1 million dollars, Boulder is not a cheap suburb to move to. Accordingly, median condo prices start in the $400-500k range so there’s a lack of affordable housing options.

But with a few of the best schools in the nation and a thriving downtown district, new residents are flocking here in droves. This includes plenty of live music options and the Boulder International Film Festival.

Not to mention, Boulder has low crime rates and is a very safe place to raise a family.

9. Columbine

Over in Jefferson County is Columbine, another top Denver suburb to settle down for new homeowners. This smaller-sized suburb is 15 miles south of Denver.

Actually, it’s located just southwest of Littleton, CO. Bordering Columbine is Bow Mar, Ken Caryl, and Columbine Valley, all notable top-ranked suburbs.

Local Area Stats of Columbine, CO

  • Population: 25,892
  • Average Home Values: $656,573 (up 8.2% over the past year)
  • Median Household Income: $113,513
  • School Ratings: A-

Looking to get away from city life? Chatfield Reservoir is nearby and is one of Denver’s most picturesque parks. No doubt, Chatfield State Park is popular with boaters, campers, fishermen, and hikers looking to enjoy the great outdoors.

Indeed, many retirees call this town home in addition to families looking for a close-knit community. Additionally, there are tons of parks and recreational opportunities locally to keep busy. Solid schools and easy access to the city make Columbine, CO a highly desirable small suburb of Denver, Colorado.

10. Greenwood Village

Located just over 15 miles south of downtown, Greenwood Village is next on our list of the Denver area’s best suburbs. The City of Greenwood Village, CO is in Arapahoe County within the Front Range Urban Corridor. Likewise, it is located in the center of the Denver Tech Center.

Stats in Greenwood Village, CO

  • Population: 15,495
  • Average Home values: $1,498,626 (up 11.6% over the past year)
  • Median Household Income: $129,416
  • School Ratings: A+

What stands out most is Greenwood Village’s proximity to great public and private schools. Accordingly, ranked Greenwood Village as the #4 best school district in the state of Colorado recently. Indeed, this wealthy Denver suburb provides a safe, fun, and friendly environment to raise your kids.

Nonetheless, Greenwood Village doesn’t offer a ton of housing diversity outside of million-dollar mansions or apartments. Accordingly, there are plenty of condos and apartments in the business district around E Belleview Ave.

11. Golden

Golden, Colorado is a small suburban town in the Denver metro area located 16 miles west of the city.

If you are looking to move to a Denver or Colorado city with history, this is it. Concurrently, Golden is a former gold rush town founded in 1859 nestled between the North and South Table Mountains.

golden colorado subdivision

Located in Jefferson County, the city runs along Clear Creek, a tributary of the South Platte River. Further, it is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains so there are easily accessible adventures nearby.

Not only is Golden a great place to live but it’s home to Coors Brewery in case you want to take a tour! A fun fact, Coors in Golden, CO is the world’s largest brewery!

Golden, Colorado Area Stats

  • Population: 19,871
  • Avg Home Values: $862,388 (up 9.9% over the past year)
  • Median Household Income: $83,976
  • School Ratings: A-

As you may have guessed by now, the number one best part of living in Golden is its many outdoor activities. From rock climbing to kayaking, this small but mighty suburb has it all.

Certainly, people here are laid back and friendly. Furthermore, there are plenty of things to do in Golden. Indeed, Golden has good schools with lots of restaurants, coffee shops, and breathtaking views. Overall a great place near Denver to call home.

12. Castle Pines

Castle Pines, CO is one of the smallest towns on our list, located 25 miles straight south of Denver. This exceptional Denver residential suburb is a gated community in Douglas County.

Crime is minimal here and schools are great. This makes Castle Pines one of Colorado’s best places to raise a family.

Another awesome part of living in Castle Pines is the incredible views of Mount Evans, the Rockies, and Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs.

City Data for Castle Pines, CO:

  • Population: 10,507
  • Average Home Values: $916,898 (up 9.3% over the past year)
  • Median Household Income: $186,976
  • School Ratings: A-

Unsurprisingly, this affluent Colorado suburb is home to top-notch gold clubs. Standouts include Castle Pines Golf Club and The Ridge at Castle Pines North.

Finally, a number of top Denver suburbs are located nearby. This includes Heritage Hills, Castle Rock, and Parker, CO.

13. Lafayette, CO

Last but not least we have Lafayette, CO. Located in Boulder County, this Denver city was recently named one of the 50 best places to live in the US.

Lafayette is around a 35-minute drive north of Downtown Denver. Certainly, this commute is a lot longer than others on the list. On the other hand, Lafayette is only a 23-minute drive away from Boulder, Colorado.

Locals describe Lafayette as a sparse suburban with a tight-knit community.

Recent Lafayette, Colorado Data

  • Population: 24,453
  • Average Home Values: $721,907 (up 9.3% over the past year)
  • Median Household Income: $95,033
  • School Ratings: A

Likewise, surrounding north Denver suburbs include Erie, Superior, and Louiseville, CO. In fact, many of these fantastic towns just missed this year’s list.

Accordingly, it is very family-friendly with 20 parks and 20 miles of trails. This includes Waneka Lake Park, perfect for boating and picnics with the entire family.

lafayette colorado suburban view

Finally, a unique benefit of living here is the city’s on-demand, door-to-door bus service. Incredibly, Lafayette’s Ride Free App connects local residents to transit stops, 24/7. No question, this useful feature is a very cool perk of living here.

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Top Suburbs of Denver FAQs

What are the best Denver suburbs for families?

The best suburbs of Denver, CO for families are Littleton, Centennial, and Highlands Ranch. For higher-income households, Castle Pines, Greenwood Village, and Cherry Creek Village are also great suburbs to raise children.

What suburbs are the closest to downtown Denver?

The closest suburbs to downtown Denver include Aurora, Littleton, and Wheat Ridge, CO. All of which are a quick 15 to 20 minute drive to the city center of Denver, Colorado.

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