Which is the best Dallas suburb for your family? No question, people are moving to the top suburbs of Dallas, Texas in droves. In fact, Dallas-Forth Worth is about to pass Chicago as the #3 largest metro in the United States.

It’s no surprise. Dallas is a modern metropolis in North Texas known for its cultural activities. The best things to do in Dallas include opera, ballet, musicals, concerts, and going to a Dallas Cowboys game.

On top of that Dallas, TX is a center of business opportunities and educational institutions for the region. This alone makes it a hot destination for people to visit and live in.

best dallas suburbs

Check out this best Dallas suburbs map to see where each city listed is located in proximity to Downtown Dallas.

However, if you want to get away from fast-paced city living, Dallas offers many amazing suburbs nearby. From Frisco to Arlington, there are tons of fabulous Dallas metro suburbs to choose from.

Are you looking for a house in the Dallas-Forth Worth metro area? We list the 10 best suburbs of Dallas for families and new homeowners alike.

Top Suburbs Of Dallas Criteria

When it comes to choosing the perfect Dallas, Texas suburb to live in, there are several factors to think about.

For families, you’ll want to consider a suburb’s public school system and access to amenities like parks and family-friendly attractions. On the other hand, retirees may value lower crime and safety and a quieter nightlife compared to young professionals.

Whether you’re interested in a small-town vibe or a big city this guide can help. Without further ado, let’s find the perfect town or suburb near Dallas for you!

1. Coppell

If you’re moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Coppell, Texas is the first suburb on our list. Most people are drawn to the city of Coppell because of its highly-rated public school system.

In fact, its public schools are rated A+, along with being rated A+ for families in Dallas according to Niche.com. These rankings are then followed by A for Diversity, A- for housing, A- for Nightlife, and lastly, B- for crime and safety.

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coppell tx suburb

Likewise, Coppell, TX offers its residents a rather dense suburban feel with a population of 41,645. Because of its rich population, there are a plentiful amount of activities for your family to choose from. These include restaurants, coffee shops, and parks to visit.

Moreover, its residents tend to have moderate political views. Lastly, Coppell’s median home value is priced reasonably at around $388,800. Indeed, real estate is very reasonable when compared to pricier Dallas suburbs nearby.

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2. University Park

Many describe University Park, TX as being a suburb with a “perfect mix.” Accordingly, the town offers the luxury of an affluent neighborhood, without being as gaudy or over the top. Compared to Coppell, University Park offers a more sparse suburban feel.

No question University Park, TX is a very safe neighborhood with a low crime rate. This makes it perfect for families moving in. Not to mention, this popular suburb is also accommodating to young professionals.

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university park texas

Moreover, University Park is very close to Uptown, with easy access to all the best parts of the city. Looking for fun things to do in Dallas over the weekend? Head on over to the city and enjoy live music or even boating.  For a day trip, you can go to one of Dallas’s shopping centers nearby.

However, a potential downside to this suburb is its cost of living. Indeed, living in University Park, Texas is more expensive than the average Dallas suburb. Certainly, University Park is still one of the richer Dallas neighborhoods with a median home value of $1,295,500. But if you can afford to live in this area, it’s definitely worth your dollar. Finally, University Park is home to Southern Methodist University, where many students living in town attend.

3. Southlake

Next up is Southlake, Texas. Located in Tarrant County, Southlake is a suburb with a rural feel. Likewise, this popular Dallas suburb is most known for its top public high schools. When compared to our top two neighborhoods, Southlake leans more conservative.

southlake tx

Moreover, the median home value sits at $676,900 in Southlake. Undeniably, the average home value here is significantly lower than University Park, TX.

One quality that makes Southlake, TX stand out is its family-oriented community. Another key point is that you can get a private school education at a public school price here. On top of that, the town offers an array of cute parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and chains. All in all, if you are looking to raise a family near Dallas, there are plenty of things to do nearby.

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4. Frisco

Frisco, Texas is one of the more populated Dallas suburbs. With a population of 177,020, it has a dense suburban feel compared to others in Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Along with this, Frisco ranks higher than other suburbs in terms of diversity.

What makes Frisco notable on the list is its top-notch public education system and the city’s family-friendly environment. Not to mention, Downtown Frisco is home to the National Video Game Museum and Sci-Tech Discovery Center. These make for great nearby activities for families with kids.

frisco texas

Because of its high population, Frisco is almost a city in itself. It’s a developed area with tons of supermarkets and shopping centers short distances away from each other. Given that, this city also offering plentiful nature sights and parks. Thus, Frisco is the perfect suburb if you are looking for that mix of urban and suburban. Lastly, its median home value sits at $395,900 which is slightly higher than average for affluent Dallas metro suburbs.

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5. Plano

Of all the Dallas Suburbs, Plano takes the cake for diversity. For those from a smaller town, living in Plano, TX can be a bit of a culture shock. More specifically, its population is around 287,064 people. This is far greater than any suburb in Dallas we’ve ranked so far.

A benefit of a bigger city is that downtown Plano has a lot to offer. From parks and malls to amazing spots to eat, this is a perfect Dallas city for families. This larger suburb has beautiful urban sights to see as well. Whether you are a young professional or have a family, Plano could be perfect for you. Surprisingly, Plano has a lot to offer for nightlife, ranking an A on Niche.

plano texas cities

It’s worth noting that Plano has a decent amount of crime for a Dallas suburb with a C+ rating. Regardless, many families still choose to settle down and buy a home here.

Not surprisingly, Plano is rated as the #5 best city to buy a house in America. The median home value sits at $320,100 which is average for Dallas neighborhoods. Lastly, Plano is the US headquarters of Toyota motors. This means there are plenty of marketing, sales, engineering, and manufacturing jobs in Plano, TX.

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6. Flower Mound, TX

Flower Mound is a beautiful rural suburb in Dallas, Texas. Residents in this neighborhood tend to lean more conservative. Like others we’ve seen so far, Flower Mound is rated highly because of its amazing public schools.

Moreover, the town is very safe and family-friendly. On the other hand, some residents complain about its lack of diversity and aging downtown district. As a result, the stores are rather homogenous and restaurants are rather homogenous. Overall, real estate is reasonable here with a median home value of $361,900.

flower mound tx

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7. Colleyville

Colleyville, Texas is a rural suburban town with a population of 26,462. Residents here also tend to lean conservative. Colleyville ranks highly for having great public schools and being great for families however it lacks diversity. Residents here rave about the wonderful community on top of its local parks, trails, restaurants, and shops. Colleyville’s median home value is $516,500 and is ranked #2 in the best places to live in Tarrant County.

colleyville texas map

8. Richardson

Another top Dallas-Fort Worth area city is Richardson, TX. What most notably differentiates Richardson from any of the other DFW suburbs is its ranked #5 in the best cities to retire in America. In addition, Richardson is outstanding for its diversity while having great public schools and being good for families. Richardson also offers an urban-suburban mix with great nightlife. Indeed, the makes it a desirable place for young professionals as well.

richardson tx

Certainly, Richardson has a fair amount of good restaurants, parks, and natural preserve areas. However, residents suggest that you will have to visit neighboring cities to enjoy amenities like concerts or amusement parks. Lastly, with a median home value of $274,200, it’s a very affordable suburb of Dallas, Texas.

9. Highland Park

Highland Park, TX is a dense suburban neighborhood in Dallas County. Many of its residents are conservatives. The standouts of Highland Park are its public schools and family-friendly amenities. Not to mention, this suburban city’s nightlife is top rated given its proximity to downtown Dallas. On the other hand, Highland Park ranks poorly for diversity. Likewise, the town is rated low at a C+ for its access to affordable housing. With a median home value of $1,508,900, its real estate values are higher than the other Dallas neighborhoods.

highland park texas

Regardless, residents still rave about the aesthetic of the community, commenting that the houses are very gorgeous. We found that a common critique is the neighborhood has a reputation of being too posh or exclusive for the average home buyer. However, Highland Park is still one of the best Dallas suburbs to raise a family if you can afford it.

10. Murphy, Texas

Last but not least we have the city of Murphy, Texas. Indeed, Murphy is also a rural suburb of Dallas, and its median home value is $351,400. A few things stand out about Murphy in contrast to other towns on our list. With a population of only 20,612 this quaint suburb is smaller than the average Dallas metro town. Next, Murphy has excellent public schools, great family-friendliness rankings, and is top-rated for its diversity.

murphy texas suburbs

However, it ranks poorly for its nightlife. As a result, Murphy, TX is not the best place to move to if you are a young professional seeking a social scene.

Nonetheless, residents praise its tight-knit sense of community. No question, it’s a place where individuals love to build relationships with their neighbors.

DFW Housing Market

Current trends and forecasts predict that the Dallas Fort Worth housing market will continue to stay robust. Over the last 5 years, home values have increased by over 78% and currently, the median sale price of a single-family home is around $360,000. Experts predict that this increase will slow down a bit, however, will still continue to increase in the near future.

dallas texas homes

If you are a home buyer looking to purchase your first home here, we definitely recommend finding a top local Dallas realtor. They can help you navigate the pros and cons of each Dallas area suburb.

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Dallas Jobs

Compared to other Texas cities, Dallas is known for its exceptional job market. Currently, Dallas jobs are growing at 4.1% annually. In turn, earning its place at the #4 spot in the best-performing markets among the top 50 U.S. metropolitan areas. Despite the pandemic, Dallas has rebounded. Indeed, its rapid population growth increases local job and employment opportunities. Today, the state of Texas has more jobs than it did before the pandemic hit.

dallas jobs

Overall, Dallas job growth has increased by 15.4% in the past 10 years. Additionally, the unemployment rate in Dallas was 3.6% as of December 2021. The most common industries that the city employs are technology, financial services, and defense.

Dallas Public Schools

The reason many families choose public schools in Dallas is the low cost compared to private education options. With this in mind, the Dallas offers many great suburbs that are widely known for their solid schools. Some notable mentions are Highland Park, Carroll, Lovejoy, and Coppell, TX school systems. These all rank in the top four positions for best school districts in the DFW metroplex. For most first-time families moving to Texas, the most important factor to consider is an area’s public school system. Luckily, Dallas has plenty of great suburban school systems to choose from.

Dallas Suburbs FAQs

Does it snow in Dallas?

Snowfall is very rare in Dallas. In the winter months, there may be an occasional two or three days where it snows or hails, but overall, snowfall is not very common.

Is Dallas or Houston richer?

In terms of costs, Dallas housing options tend to cost 15.8% more than Houston. Additionally, Health expenses are 1.7% more in Dallas. And overall, as stated previously, Dallas is 5.3% more expensive than Houston.

Is Houston or Dallas Better?

Both Houston and Dallas have a lot of charm to offer, but after weighing them against each other, it may seem that Houston wins by just a hair. Dallas is most well known for its job market, fantastic public schools, and amazing food. Houston on the other hand is most well known for its excellent ethnic diversity along with its ethnic food, on top of having lots of different cultures to offer and explore. Along with this, Houston's residents tend to lean more liberal than Dallas. It is important to note that Dallas has also a higher crime rate than Houston, and Dallas is 5.3% more expensive than Houston.

Why is Dallas, TX the best city?

Dallas is simply the best city in Texas because of its location. Because it has a central location, it makes flights to other cities extremely convenient. This metroplex has one of the largest airports in the country, making flights in this city a lot more affordable compared to other cities in Texas. Thus, although it is the best city, a weekend getaway is only a short flight or drive away. On top of that, Downtown Dallas is known for its plethora of business opportunities, educational institutions, and cultural events.

Where do the rich live in Dallas?

Out of our Best Dallas Suburbs list, Highland Park ranks the highest for being the most expensive neighborhood. Here, the median home value is $1,508,900 with a median sale price of $2.5 million. In fact, Highland Park is the most affluent city in all of Texas. According to the U.S census, it ranks nationally at #7 as the most affluent city in the United States. Similarly, Highland Park, TX residents have a median household income of around $211,136.

What is the safest suburb of Dallas?

If you are looking for the best neighborhoods in the Dallas, Texas area that are both safe and affordable, we recommend you look into Grapevine, Addison, Allen, Arlington, Irving, Mckinney, Keller, Denton, Prosper, and Lewisville.

What is the best part of Dallas to live in?

In the Dallas metro area, many individuals choose to settle down in Cotton Creek South, Heights Park, Canyon Creek South, Bishop Arts District, Oak Lawn, University Park, and Preston Hollow.

How much do professional painters charge in Dallas?

Professional painters in Dallas charge $6,545 to paint an entire home interior or $6,837 to paint a whole house exterior on average. This includes all the supplies and labor to do the job right.

However, the painting cost range can be drastic among painters in Dallas. That's because there is no license required to become a painter in the state of Texas. Equally important, most painting contractors struggle to profitably price a paint job.

How much is it to buy a house in Texas?

If you are looking to buy a house in Texas, the average price ranges from $224,500 to $339,900.

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