Yes, you can paint vinyl siding. In fact, painting your siding is 3x less expensive than replacing it. However, the vinyl paint colors you can safely use are limited. Not to mention, damaged or older siding must be replaced.

According to Improovy’s painting experts, the best paint for vinyl siding is 100% acrylic exterior paint. To avoid lap marks, use an airless paint sprayer to apply an even coat of paint on your vinyl siding. Indeed, this means vinyl siding painting is not a DIY project for most homeowners.

can i paint vinyl siding exterior

Also, avoid darker colors and only choose a vinyl-safe paint color to prevent warping or overheating. Furthermore, painting may void the vinyl manufacturer’s warranty on your home.

No question, painting is a great way to extend the life of your vinyl siding by 3-5 years. Plus, there are tons of vinyl-safe colors offered by top paint companies like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams. Including some dark colors.

In the right conditions, a fresh coat of paint can dramatically increase curb appeal. Let’s dive in to find out the best vinyl siding paint colors for your home’s exterior.

6 Best Vinyl Siding Paint Colors

Here are the 6 best vinyl-safe siding paint colors to inspire your next exterior house transformation.

Technically, you can use any exterior color with an LRV over 55 to paint vinyl safely. As a result, there’s a ton to choose from. Accordingly, these are real painted vinyl siding before and after photos that our expert painters have completed.

1. Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams

One of the most popular Sherwin-Williams vinyl-safe paint colors is Worldly Gray SW 7043. This warm neutral is more griege than gray. Accordingly, this means that it has beige undertones without being overbearing.

best vinyl siding paint color

Pair Worldly Gray with crisp Pearly white soffits and window trim for a subtle contrast. Moreover, add black shutters for a timeless neutral exterior vinyl siding color combination.

2. Pure White (SW 7005)

Another beloved exterior vinyl color is Sherwin-Williams Pure White SW 7005. It’s a warmer white siding color that is safe for vinyl, so it won’t overheat or warp like darker paint shades.

exterior vinyl siding pure white paint

This off-white neutral vinyl paint color is gorgeous and matches most brick and trim color palettes. Overall, this color is one of Sherwin’s most popular house paint shades for both exterior and interior painting.

Indeed, this makes Pure White of the most versatile vinyl-safe paints available!

3. White Heron by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s popular White Heron OC-57 is the next vinyl siding color on our list. Certainly, this classic off-white with cool undertones can be paired with darker trim windows and lush outdoor landscaping.

vinyl siding painters white heron

Further, White Heron is a neutral exterior vinyl color that adds a touch of sophistication to any vinyl exterior. Check out all of Benjamin Moore’s vinyl-safe exterior house colors for more inspiration.

4. Sherwin-Williams Stone Cold (VS418)

Adding some color to our vinyl paint shade list is a light blue by Sherwin-Williams aptly-named Stone Cold VS418. As one of the more popular vinyl-safe paint colors offered by Sherwin, its gray undertones bring a modern vibe to your outdoor vinyl siding.

blue vinyl sided painting house

You can pair this neutral blue shade with stark white trim, gutters, and downspouts for an awesome contrast against your vinyl siding. All in all, Stone Cold is a top choice among all Sherwin-Williams vinyl-safe paint colors.

5. Platinum Grey Benjamin Moore Vinyl Siding Paint

Platinum Gray (HC-179) by Benjamin Moore is another contemporary yet classic vinyl-safe paint color choice for houses. By all means, this light gray vinyl siding color is both neutral and timeless. Consequently, it won’t go out of style any time soon as a new siding color.

benjamin moore exterior vinyl paints

This soft gray has slight green undertones and may look darker when painting an interior with a new color. However, it looks drastically lighter on an exterior home without a ton of shade.

On the whole, Platinum Gray is a wonderful medium siding color that can completely refresh any old siding vinyl surface.

6. Berry Frappe by Sherwin-Williams Vinyl Safe Paint

Our list of the best vinyl-safe house paint colors wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Berry Frappe (SW 9068) by Sherwin-Williams. This stunning vinyl siding before and after transformation shows just how creative you can get with your vinyl painting color choice.

sherwin williams vinyl siding painting colors

Similarly, most homeowners don’t know about the variety of current colors that can be chosen when painting siding. As you can see Berry Frappe is a light purple vinyl paint color throwback to beautiful victorian era houses or farm homes.

Certainly, it brought a ton of warmth and character to the exterior vinyl of this home we painted in Chicago.

How to Paint Vinyl Siding

Unquestionably, painting vinyl siding is one of the best home improvement projects you can invest in.

Again, we recommend using the right paint in a vinyl-safe shade that’s similar to or lighter than your current vinyl color. Likewise, if your paint color is darker than your current vinyl color, no priming should be needed.

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Specifically, you should only use quality 100% acrylic latex paint like Superpaint or Duration from Sherwin-Williams. Indeed, using paint with acrylic latex and urethane resins increases adhesion. Not to mention, using this type of paint ensures your vinyl siding lasts.

Okay, so you’ve found the perfect vinyl-safe house color and purchased the right paint for the job. Here are the steps to take when painting exterior vinyl siding. As with any quality paint job, we start with proper prep work.

Steps to painting a home’s vinyl siding:

1. Pressure wash your vinyl siding with a power washer to remove mildew and dirt.

Avoid damaging vinyl siding by using a lower-pressure setting on your pressure washer. Clean using a mold cleaning solution, laundry detergent, or vinyl-safe bleach. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub persistent grimy surfaces.

2. Tape and mask windows, trim, doors, and unpainted exterior surfaces like brick.

Properly masking off the surrounding surfaces is the most overlooked step when painting exterior vinyl. Use a masking gun to speed things up and to create clean painter’s tape lines. This prevents paint touchups, which will flash big-time on vinyl siding.

spraying exterior siding vinyl home

3. Apply two coats of vinyl paint using an airless painting sprayer.

You might be tempted to use an old-school paintbrush but you’ll regret it when you see the lap marks. A professional sprayer combined with back rolling prevents flashing and covers better. Apply a second coat only after your first coat has completely dried.

More Expert Vinyl House Painting Tips

Here are a few more expert vinyl painting tips to ensure your exterior paint job goes smoothly.

  • When power washing vinyl siding, use the lowest setting first and increase pressure if needed. Point the nozzle downward to avoid pushing water behind the siding.
  • Check your local forecast before painting vinyl siding. The ideal weather conditions are overcast days with little wind between 40 and 90 degrees.
  • Try to avoid painting in direct sunlight and complete one side at a time. Mix in a latex-based paint additive like Floetrol to extend drying time. This helps you avoid lap marks between sections.
second story house siding painted blue
  • When painting 2nd story siding, use a ladder stabilizer or standoff tool to prevent dents and dings in the vinyl.
  • Most modern quality latex outdoor paint is self-priming and has the necessary urethane and acrylic resins to stick to vinyl siding well. In most cases, you only need a primer coat if going lighter or if your vinyl siding is very old and faded.

Exterior Vinyl Siding Painting FAQs

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions our professional painters get from homeowners.

Is it worth it to paint vinyl siding?

Most unpainted vinyl siding lasts 20 years. Accordingly, paint can extend your vinyl siding’s life by 5-15 years. So unless your siding is in really bad shape, painting it is a no-brainer.

Also, don’t let vinyl siding warranties fool you. In most cases, manufacturers only warranty a defect in the original product and don’t cover labor. Moreover, defects in the product are typically recognized right away or within a few years. In most cases, painting vinyl is a fantastic investment.

How much will it cost to replace vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding replacement costs range from $9,959 to $19,402 on average. By and large, the cost to replace vinyl is based on the total square footage of the exterior siding surface area.

How much does painting exterior vinyl siding cost?

The cost to paint exterior vinyl siding range from $3,616 to $6,833 on average and includes all supplies, paint, and materials to apply two coats. Similar to vinyl replacement costs, the price is determined by the total square footage of the surface area being painted.

What are the pros and cons of painting vinyl siding?

The pros of painting vinyl siding are that it improves your home’s appearance, extends the life of your old siding by 5 years, and is nearly 60% cheaper than replacing vinyl siding. Moreover, paint protects your vinyl siding from the elements and increases your home’s value.

On the flip side, the cons of painting vinyl siding include potentially voiding your manufacturer’s warranty. Not to mention, it may be too late to paint if your siding is too old or faded. Likewise, you can only use paint color with an LRV of 55 or above and you’ll need to repaint every 5 years as regular maintenance.

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