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Created by 3rd generation painting craftsman, Improovy empowers painters in Chicago to do the best work of their lives. Using technology and data, we streamline the painting process from start to finish.

Accordingly, Improovy believes in putting you and your painters first.

Gone are the days of slow painting seasons, payment delays, and manual price estimate walk-throughs.

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We Pay You On Time

At Improovy, we put our painting subcontractors first. As fellow painting company owners ourselves, we understand the importance of paying your crews on time.

Your success is our success and timely payments are key to you keeping the best painters on staff. That’s why we guarantee payment as soon as the painting job is done.

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We Keep You Booked

Using data and technology, we’ve been able to eliminate the slow season for our painting contractors in Chicago.

No doubt, great painters can find work elsewhere if you don’t give them enough painting jobs. We guaranteed 100% capacity year-round so you can finally grow & scale your Chicago painting company.

We Keep Our Word

Improovy was founded by 3rd generation painters. We believe our word is our bond and treat our painting subcontractors as partners in the business (which they are).

Our goal is to empower you to do the best work of your career. If you’re not happy with your first few painting jobs in Chicago, we will reimburse you double your costs.

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We use generations of industry expertise to make your life as a painting contractor in Chicago easier.

Furthermore, our platform provides quality Chicago painting jobs and efficient systems so you’re able to do what you do best as a skilled craftsman.

Without question, our Painting Masters take a new level of pride in their work.

Join the Improovy Painting team today to take your Chicago painting company to the next level.

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