Improovy Internships In Chicago

At Improovy, we don’t simply hire interns.

We help launch the careers of future tech superstars.

Improovy interns help build products that make an immediate impact in the industry we serve.

Our interns launch their careers and make a difference in people’s lives. The products our team builds each week are changing the lives of people in an industry in need of change.

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Our Tech & Marketing Interns Make An Impact

Improovy is a Chicago tech startup on a mission to revolutionize the home improvement industry using technology and data.

Home improvement is a massive industry stuck in the stone ages. We believe we have the roadmap to uncover the industry’s full potential.

In simple terms, Improovy is like Houzz meets Uber. We are a full-service marketplace solution that will bring hassle-free home improvement to a new generation of homeowners. From machine learning and augmented reality to

From Interns To Innovators

The Improovy team works with you to develop your skillset, iterating and tracking results in real-time.

In turn, our program empowers interns to become true innovators that leverage technology to tackle major problems.

No question, our interns gain an incredible amount of hands-on career development experience and make a real-world impact in an industry that needs change.

The home improvement tech revolution starts with Improovy. Together, we can make the lives of homeowners and contractors better through technology.

Apply for an internship with Improovy today to get a chance to join our team this season.